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NBA 2K15 Servers Are Still Up And Down

by Damian Seeto


The NBA 2K15 servers continue to be a problem for many gamers, although things are slowly improving as time goes by.

NBA 2K15 community manager, Ronnie 2K, has shared more light on the current situation on his official twitter page. He retweeted photos of many fans that own the game. Some gamers have managed to get online, while another batch of gamers still cannot connect to the game at all. This seems to be the main problem that 2K needs to fix.

Ronnie 2K tweeted some advice to connect to the NBA 2K15 servers. He said gamers should “restart their console” and see if that helps. Again, this has worked for some gamers but not for everyone. If you are connected online, you should see the NBA 2KTV option on the main menu and all of the other tabs should be colorful. If the tabs are grey, that means you are still playing offline.

Ronnie2k left the following message as his last update:

“Looks like dev team was able to alleviate one cause of offline menu when connected online but one remains. They will continue to investigate”

As of time of writing, I cannot seem to connect to the NBA 2K15 servers much like many other players too. Hopefully 2K can fix the problem soon before players flock to play NBA Live 15 instead.

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