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NBA 2K15 Simulation Was Correct On Predicting NBA Finals Champions

by Damian Seeto


Around two months ago, 2K Games did a NBA 2K15 simulation to see who will win the NBA Finals. The simulation was largely correct.

As basketball fans may have seen already, the Golden State Warriors were crowned as the 2015 NBA Champions. They beat LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers.

What’s scary/amazing is just how accurate the NBA 2K15 simulation really was. The NBA Finals in real life ended in six games. The video game predicted the same result.

Although some of the results from the NBA 2K15 simulation were different, the teams were mostly all in the same positions. The Eastern Conference was largely accurate. Only the San Antonio Spurs from the Western Conference were in the wrong position.

Another minor inaccuracy in the NBA 2K15 simulation is that it predicted that Stephen Curry will be the NBA Finals MVP. Many sports analysts predicted this too. Surprisingly in real life, Andre Iguodala got this honor.

Anyway, it’s kind of amazing how accurate NBA 2K15 was. EA Sports was similar predicting the result of the Super Bowl this year in Madden. EA Sports UFC also has predicted fights correctly too.

It will be interesting if NBA 2K16 can predict the results of the 2016 NBA Finals accurately.

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