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NBA 2K15’s Shot Meter May Differ From Previous Games

by Damian Seeto


Every year 2K Sports endeavors to make the NBA games realistic and not too easy. It sounds like shooting might be slightly different in NBA 2K15 as it won’t be easy to flush down buckets like before.

NBA 2K15 Game Designer, Mike Wang, wrote a post on Operation Sports explaining in more detail how the new shot meter will work. He stresses that “timing is a much more crucial factor in whether you make or miss” in this game. This new method has been used to separate skilled players from lucky ones. He said it’s similar to the “Free Throw shooting” as you can still miss even though you have perfect timing. This means shots will count more depending on the position you are on the court and how open you are. It’s not just a “perfect timing” contest like before.

Wang also mentioned “shooting is much more engaging” in NBA 2K15 than in the past. It will also make the game more realistic as not every shot goes in when you play in real life. Defense of the opposing team and other factors also play a part if you are successful in dropping a bucket.

For those of you that are concerned about the new shot meter, Wang is addressing them with these notes:

  •  No, you cannot “master” the meter and hit every shot you take
  • Yes, you can turn it off in the options menu
  •  Yes, Real FG% is still an option
  •  Yes, it is very difficult to get “perfect timing,” especially on the higher levels

There you have it. The shot meter is not mandatory in NBA 2K15, but you can leave it on in the options if you want a more realistic experience.



- This article was updated on:August 17th, 2014

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