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NBA 2K17 Demo Out Now On PS4 And Xbox One

by Damian Seeto


2K Sports has now released the demo for NBA 2K17 called “The Prelude”. You can download it now for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles to get your career started.

Here’s what the NBA 2K Twitter page announced: “#NBA2K17 THE PRELUDE is now available WORLDWIDE on PlayStation Network & Xbox LIVE! Jump start your career for FREE!

I checked to see for myself if the demos are available and they are there. You have to type “NBA 2K17” in the search bar for both PSN and Xbox Live. The file size on Xbox One is just over 15GB. I checked the PlayStation Store and the PS4 version is 14.1GB. Don’t search just “prelude” or anything like that because these search engines aren’t that smart…

Here’s what the demo includes: “Get a head start on your MyPLAYER career for free! Choose between 10 great colleges and play to improve your draft ranking. Your progress in the Prelude will transfer over to NBA 2K17.”

Hopefully with the demo up, people can now scan their faces into the game. I’m waiting right now to see if it works, but it will take me a while to download 15GB on my Xbox One. I’ll update our previous story to let you know how to face scan when I’m ready.

Update: Looks like demo on PS4 is not up for gamers in North America yet. Ronnie2K tweeted: I am here. Will update you as I know more. Prelude is up on XB1 & Sony in Europe. Waiting on resolutions/news from Sony America.

For those asking, Champ Chong from Australia has managed to download the demo. He tweeted this image below. Everyone else outside of North America (including myself) can download the demo on both PS4 and Xbox One. Hopefully Sony America releases it soon for the rest of you. You could create a Europe/PAL account to download it on PS4, although your progress won’t carry over if you intend to buy the full game using your normal USA PSN account.


Update 2: Ronnie2K tweeted out: “OK I have been informed we are up on Sony. So sorry for the delay. Can assure you it wasn’t intentional on my end. Happy Prelude gaming!

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