NBA Live 16 To Have Many Gameplay Upgrades

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EA Sports has described in a new blog post about all of the new upgrades they’ve made to NBA Live 16.

One of the big changes in the game has been the addition of “better dribbling“. The game’s producer, Connor Dougan, noted that dribbling is “a huge part of the NBA” and the new mechanic will be opening up a lot of opportunities.

Passing has also been upgraded. EA Sports has added better technology in NBA Live 16 so that passing is smoother and players can catch the ball without any delays.

Another huge addition has been the improvements of the overall animation. Mo-cap has been a huge part of the game and the team did not just capture the motion of just one player. To up the realism, they captured actual 5-on-5 games.

Dougan also said they have upped the ante with more animations than in any previous NBA Live game. The new iteration will have “8,000 new animations“. Players will also be more aware of one another on the court and will be more physical as a result of this.

Finally, EA Sports claims they have listened “to player feedback religiously“. This means NBA Live 16 should be way better than all of its predecessors.

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