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Nearly Every Kingdom Hearts 3 World Will Be Brand New To Series

by Dean James


Kingdom Hearts 3 has long been one of the most anticipated games for many games and it seems it might finally be coming in the next few years, with the latest showing coming at E3 last week. The new trailer debuted the Tangled world, but it sounds like we will see many more completely new worlds to the series.

This last week has been full of little bits of information about Kingdom Hearts 3, which is still more than we’ve ever had about the game. One very informative interview came in Dengeki PlayStation, which Games Talk has provided and Gematsu has translated.

In this interview, it was revealed that most every world in Kingdom Hearts 3 will be brand new to the series. They said that Olympus Coliseum, which we saw in the latest trailer, is one of the very few returning worlds.

We don’t know if this also includes worlds created just for the series, like Twilight Town, but it’s great to hear that most of them will be new. Most of the existing Disney worlds we’ve seen already have been tapped out, with maybe something like Agrabah being a possibility for one of the few returning worlds, with there still being a third Aladdin movie to use.

There is talk that another world will be revealed in the near future, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

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