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Need For Speed 2015 Has No Cockpit View

by Damian Seeto


Sadly, EA has now confirmed that there will be no cockpit view in its Need for Speed reboot.

The Need for Speed Twitter page recently tweeted out:

No cockpit view, but we think you’ll love the other cameras we’re including!”

It’s quite interesting EA has decided not to add a cockpit view in the Need for Speed reboot. A lot of other recent racing games such as Driveclub, Project Cars and the Forza series all have them.

Although Need for Speed: Rivals didn’t add a cockpit view either. It appears EA is concentrating more on the open-world environment as a detailed dashboard can take a long time to develop.

EA does promise that Need for Speed 2015 will have customization. Customization was a big part of the Underground series. The new game isn’t Underground 3, although it might share some of the same features.

The only feature in Need for Speed 2015 that people don’t seem to like is its always online component. EA is mimicking Ubisoft’s The Crew as that game was an always online open world driving game.

We will see much more of Need for Speed 2015 at E3 next week. We will get to know what other camera views are featured in the game.

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