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Need For Speed 2015 Has No Cockpit View

| June 9, 2015

Need For Speed 2015 Has No Cockpit View News  Need for Speed EA

Sadly, EA has now confirmed that there will be no cockpit view in its Need for Speed reboot.

The Need for Speed Twitter page recently tweeted out:

No cockpit view, but we think you’ll love the other cameras we’re including!”

It’s quite interesting EA has decided not to add a cockpit view in the Need for Speed reboot. A lot of other recent racing games such as Driveclub, Project Cars and the Forza series all have them.

Although Need for Speed: Rivals didn’t add a cockpit view either. It appears EA is concentrating more on the open-world environment as a detailed dashboard can take a long time to develop.

EA does promise that Need for Speed 2015 will have customization. Customization was a big part of the Underground series. The new game isn’t Underground 3, although it might share some of the same features.

The only feature in Need for Speed 2015 that people don’t seem to like is its always online component. EA is mimicking Ubisoft’s The Crew as that game was an always online open world driving game.

We will see much more of Need for Speed 2015 at E3 next week. We will get to know what other camera views are featured in the game.

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  • Scam Artist

    It is always online. Having no cockpit view is the least of anybodys problems.

    • Spartas Edge

      I understand what your saying, but theyre both problems, and to some people, no in car view/bonnet cam is a bigger issue than always online. I personally don’t like either aspect, and won’t be getting this game because of them.

      • Antoine Corellou

        the always online doesn’t bother me one bit, I have a $4500 PC and i pay over 100$ a month for my connection, and unless you live in some lost village still running dial up i don’t see why it’s a problem. My pc and console are always online anyways. I own Test drive unlimited 1,2 and the Crew, and if anything the ” online only ” part makes it more exciting as we will have something other then SLOW AI to race against. On the other hand i will 100% guarantee not buy this junk. I was an avid fan of NFS since NFS 1. And i haven’t bought an NFS since like 2010… the last one i got was a free gift from ea for having screwed up simcity’s release. On the other hand i just shelled out 460$ for an xbox 1 and forza6/horizon 2 so i can play a decent racing game. And if EA made a decent game, i would have spent the money on their game and expansions instead, but the fact that their will be no cockpit view, guarantees me this is gonna be arcade trash like the last few crappy hipster approved titles those fucks have been relasing for the past 5-6 yrs…..

        • Spartas Edge

          I don’t mind always online if the game is built around online functionality, but its when its unnecessary implementation where it applies to playing on your ownthat botheres me, because it essentially puts a shelf life on all the aspects of the game you have paid for fair and square.

  • Naberios

    So no cockpit view & always online? Not very appealing.

    • Spartas Edge

      I wont be buying any more of this 3rd person arcade NFS rubbish, untik they make it a bit more realistic znd put in car or bonnet cams back in. I hate always online too, i don’t want a game thats reliant on an internet connection and service, especially when there’s no real excuse for it with games like this..

      • Antoine Corellou

        how is there no excuse for the online it’s gonna be an open world multiplayer racing game ? While i totally agree with you on the no cockpit view and arcade crap. I completely disagree on the online only part. What do you want to do roam around in a boring open world with crappy AI drivers ? that doesn’t sound like much fun … Plus i mean where do you live that you complain about online access, in the middle of Tibet ?

        • Spartas Edge

          Firstly i want to say that i don’t mind always online ‘if’ the game is built around online functionality and its intrinsic and absolutely couldn’t work without it, but its when its unnecessary implementation(and it does happen where theres modes that don’t need to be online)where it applies to story/campaign mode where it applies to playing on your own that bothers me, because it essentially
          puts a shelf life on all the aspects of the game you have paid for fair
          and square.

          “where do you live that you complain about online access, in the middle of Tibet ?”

          You sound like Don Mattrick and his infamous not very well received submarine speech, and with all respect, like him, your massively missing the point, and the point is this..

          1. Broadband internet is not cheap and is to be considered a luxury, not one of life’s necessities. You need to be aware, that there ARE people that do not have internet or a very poor/slow service for various reasons, such as remote locations(ie in the country), an ADSL only area, or simply on the poverty line, and cannot afford luxuries like the internet, this is a reality for a lot of people.

          2. Not all games NEED this online reliance.

          3. Playing against the IA, can be more realistic and less chaotic than when playing against other people, who lets face it, often act and play like dicks.

          4. When the games or consoles online service inevitably(that means when, not if), is shut down, the game will cease to work, even the modes that don’t need other players, if its all tied into always online. I like to think long term and don’t want my game to be a glorified and expensive paperweight down the line if its avoidable, you might not be bothered by a game having a shelf life, but a lot of people are.

          5. If your internet goes down, or have an unreliable connection, that will effect if the game is even playable. Some people have constant drops in connection, which renders an always online game unplayable. Or if your circumstances change, you move or lose your job etc, and can no longer afford internet, your game becomes useless.

          As i said, i know some games are built solely around an online experience. I am not talking about those games. I’m talking about games, or games with modes that do not need to be always online but is anyway. Its this unnecessary use of it i have a problem with, not the concept in general.

  • Anthony Nguyen

    No cockpit & always online? It seem the people don’t like always online. It’s make no sense to us.

    • Spartas Edge

      People don’t want a game that wont run without and requires an internet connection, and that seems reasonable to me. How are people going to play the gane when the games or consoles online support is inevitability shut down? The answer is, they won’t be able to, the game will become a paperweight, and that is unacceptable.

      • Antoine Corellou

        Dude this is 2015, most games play online. Go back to N64 if you want to play offline only games… smh … TDU2 was tons of fun racing other player drivers all over the place. It never gets remotely as fun racing bland AI.

        • Spartas Edge

          Dude, i don’t see how what year it has has got to do with games that have an always online functionality that don’t need to have it, and settling for less when it doesn’t have to be that way. I accept, a lot of games have online functionality as you say, but do they have to be ‘always online’ which is something entirely different, most don’t, and its these games that force always online that unnecessarily that i have an issue with, not with games that are built around an online mechanic. Single player/narrative/Co-Op modes, should not be online reliant, and at least an option for most games. When the games service inevitably gets shut down, i don’t want to be left with an expensive shiny mug coaster.. I still want to be able to access the story, single player/Co-Op content is all.

          Lastly, just because something is new, doesn’t mean its better. Time has no correlation to how good something is, certainly not all the time, and just because its a certain year, doesn’t mean you should drop your standards and settle for less.

        • Chuck Norris

          Stop being a dick. I live in southamerica with an unreliable shitty connection, so does over half the population in the US, and a giant % of the world. DRM is a problem.

          And dont get me started on what happens when EA kills the servers, if i pay for a game then i want to play it when i want, not when EA wants.

          • Antoine Corellou

            Plenty of countries in South America have fiber optic, cable and dsl, actually i believe every single one of them does. And actually every country that is part of the civilized world has access to broadband in some type of way. I run antiquated CABLE at my house yet i am able to get speeds of up to 300mbps. I run 75 right now, cost me 90$ a month with unlimited international phone. So there is a difference in saying that the world is deprived of broadband. Or that you’re average uneducated fuck can’t pay for it. Maybe you should get a real job and afford some decent internet.

          • Chuck Norris

            Wow, not only you are being a dick for no reason but also you are wrong on so many levels.

            Have you even visited third world countries? the fact that some rich cunt’s drug dealer’s son in mexico is able to pay for standar US-speed internet means everyone can afford it? ive met a shit ton of people (well over 150) across all southamerica and 1/3rd of them still had 1mbps bandwiths. So yeah, if you want to keep pulling bullshit out of your ass to try and look like you are right, go ahead.

          • Antoine Corellou

            I have familly in mexico, and they all got broadband. I have family in France, they all got broadband. I have visited nigeria, tunisia, kenya, you can get decent broadband there too, so can you in Malaysia, and Singapore i have been there and can tell you from first hand experience. I have lived in Norway, you can get good broadband too. I lived in Miami where i have met thousands of people from different countries of south america they all got broadband. Matter of fact brazil’s poor ass is on of the #1 high speed internet users on the continent. I don’t pull info out of my ass, and i sure as hell get it from more then talking to well over 150 random spics.

          • Chuck Norris

            Right, i am sorry, talking from experience is talking out of my ass when you talk from your experience in first world countries and call southamericans “spics”.

            That sure will prove me wrong!

  • Antoine Corellou

    no cockpit view ? I can guarantee this is gonna be another one of those need for speeds that looks amazing and plays like complete crap. I bet you can’t even shift like in half the new releases. what PURE GARBAGE, NEED FOR SPEED 1 had cockpit view in 1994 !!! WTF HAPPENED EA ???

    • Spartas Edge

      Thats what i was thinking.. Even the very first Need for Speed on the humble PS1 and Sega Saturn had internal and in car views.. So much for progress. You simply can’t beat having the choice.

  • Reggae

    Its only on PS4 and XB1 and youre not adding cockpit view? This games likely gonna flop.

  • Corey Bowtie Wray

    I have always preferred cockpit view.

    This is retarded. Games need to stop removing features

    • Spartas Edge

      Totally agree. Its like they want you to play the game how THEY want us to play it, rather than how WE want to play it. You can’t beat choice. I mean how hard is it to put an in car or even bonnet cam in, seriously.

  • Joshua Andrews

    I am so tired of these retarded ass game companies that start with great games then just end with crap…..are they not listening to the fans or are the fans just being dumb and taking whatever they give us……We need to start boycotting this fuckers for not giving us what we want!……im mean serously. How the hell can you make a game so visual but dont ge us a inside car view????

  • Aaron Richards

    This is what separates the tuning kiddies from the sim crowd. It’s also why I moved away from the NFS series after turning 17. Shift and Shift 2 were the last, truly next-gen NFS titles of their time. They will be missed.

    • Spartas Edge

      I’ve been into NFS since the very first one on the Humble PS1, Sega Saturn and 3DO, and its a real shame to see the arcade 3rd person rubbish its devolved into..

  • Spartas Edge

    I’m fed up of these overerly arcadey Need for speed games with no cockpit or bonnet cam!.. and what is this recent obsession NFS has had with bumper cam!? Hardly anyone uses bumper cam, who wants to drive like your hanging off the front of the car with your chin scraping the ground?!.. Useless!

    Even the very first Need for Speed on the PS1, Sega Saturn and 3DO had a choice of cockpit etc in car views! So much for progress.. It needs to dawn on EA, and these new hipster NFS developers, that A LOT of people like to play their driving games from some kind of on board cam, not a detached and imprecise third person view! but it seems they are hell bent on forcing people to play the game how THEY want us to play rather than how WE want to play.. Its either that or pure laziness, but seriously, how hard would it be to give us the choice and put an on board cam in, hell, even a full screen view at bonnet height!? This online reliant mechanic really grates on me too. How will people play the game when the games or consoles online support eventually gets turned off? The short answer is, they won’t.

    I simply won’t be buying this game, because of its lack of on board view options and forced online reliance. Choice is always best, but they seem determined to take choice away from us, leaving me with my only ‘choice’, which is to not invest in their game.

    • MX26

      the 1st NFS’s cockpits didn’t take weeks of work to finish per car either, and bumper cam is actually not at all bad for driving. i mean there’s a reason a lot of people played all the Grand turismo’s in bumper view (even the ones with cockpit view), because it gives you a nice view of the road, with nothing obstructing your vision.

      I mean, none of the games this game is drawing inspiration from didn’t have in cockpit view, and a very large part of the NFS community still loves those games.

      It needs to dawn to you that a lot of players either don’t give a fuck about cockpit cam, or like bumper view, or like 3rd person, actually most people who buy NFS titles probably would play in 3rd person even when having cockpit view.

      Bumper cam is a static camera that gives you great accurate view like you want, yet you trash it.

      what you call “pure lazyness” could also be described as “don’t want to waste loads of money on a gimick most won’t use” or “don’t want to waste loads of time on a gimick most won’t use, and with that money”, so yeah :)

      I mean, it’s been confirmed there’s a bonnet (or hood, or whatever you want to call it) camera, so GTFO :P

      While always online DOES suck, a lot, multiplayer support for the current gen consoles won’t end anytime soon, and chances are they’ll get preassured to remove the online thing anyway.

      Actually, this game gives you loads of options, options for design and fine tuning of your car, something a lot of us missed, and something that is imo a far bigger issue then no in cockpit camera in an fairly arcade racing game.

      Cockpit mode would be nice but it’s nowhere as big of a thing as you make it

      TL;DR: You are over-dramatising the lack of this fairy gimicky, unused by the most, costly and time taking feature, and staying narrow minded while at it. Also there actually is bonnet cam.

      • Spartas Edge

        I completely disagree with you on just about everything you just said, bumper cam is truly AWFUL for is to many, and it certainly is to me. Its so bad, that they may as well not bother with it at all for me, as its about as undesirable and useless as the other views i don’t happen to like. When i drive, i don’t hang off the front of the bonnet with my chin scraping the floor, or feel like i’m driving a go-kart, and funnily enough prefer to have a view that’s more akin in reality and actually being in a car, and i also don’t want to feel like i’m para sailing behind my car controlling it it by remote control lol, as do a lot of people, so speak for yourself thanks. There’s a lot of people that want some kind of in car or bonnet height cam, as demonstrated by this very article, people have different preferences as hard as that might be for you to believe. As i said, and contrary to what your claim as fact, bumper cam is an abysmal view, and it doesn’t give you an unobstructed view, because the low height of the view itself is an obstruction because your position of visibility is too low, much of the screen is obscured by the road itself, and its a unrealistically stupid point of view, unless your used to driving in a turbo charged Sinclair C5(look it up).

        What do you mean “none of the games this game is drawing inspiration from didn’t have in cockpit view, and a very large part of the NFS community still loves
        those games.”? That’s actually not correct at all and you clearly don’t seem to have any idea of what your talking about in regards the history and origins of the Need for Speed series. Actually the games in its own series, Need for Speed, from the very first NFS title on the humble Sega Saturn, Playstation 1 and 3DO, ALWAYS had some kind of in car view, since the birth of the series and for many many many years and subsequent games after that, THAT is Need for Speed, until Criterion got their dirty arcade-crash obsessed mitts on the series that is, THAT’S when certain views got removed and the games became the arcadey gormless dude bro with attention deficit disorder pleasing rubbish it is today, but even their first game, the Hot Pursuit reboot had a decent in car view, but they changed after that much to many peoples annoyance, who were with the series since its roots including myself, that’s why i ‘trash it’, because its such an odd choice to have as the ONLY in car view in recent games. To be honest. I have nothing against a view IF i don’t have to use it, each to their own mi say, but when i’m forced to use a view i don’t like for lack of any other more conventional alternatives, then yes a resentment towards it is going to emerge..and its not a ‘wast of time and money’ as you put it, because a hell of a lot of people like, no NEED a usable in car cam if they are going to actually enjoy the game, and if your going to make a game, you should do it properly and cater for all preferences and people, not just one type, and your attitude about this is pretty awful, i have to say.

        No, you have it the wrong way around, YOU need to realise that many people DO give a **** about an in car view and can determine if they are going to enjoy or even get the game, so it is a huge deal to a lot of people, but whether your aware of this is neither here not there, it exists regardless. Nobody is talking about ‘not giving a ****’ about the views YOU like, or wanting those removed, i believe in choice and that i should be able to play the game as i want to play it, as you are able to play it how you like it, so i find your uncharitable attitude to other peoples preference being taken away quite horrible and odious actually. What does it matter to you that other people be able to play how they want to play, but the way you go out of your way to put other people down who don’t happen to like playing how you like to play, is not a very pleasant attitude to say the least.. As i said, we wouldn’t like to see you denied of your preference, so pay us the same respect and courtesy.

        You say bonnet cam is in it, but has it not occurred to you, that at the time i wrote this no such thing was announced, or people people may not have seen the same article you have, so telling me to ‘get the **** out’ for that, is both rude and unnecessary and not to mention a highly immature thing to say. So if that is indeed the case, can you provide the link so i can read it for myself please, thank you.

        You ” Cockpit mode would be nice but it’s nowhere as big of a thing as you make itTL;DR: You are over-dramatising the lack of this fairy gimmicky, unused by the most”

        Me: As i said, it may not be a big thing to you, but it is crucial to many, you know this planet isn’t all your own little universe, open your eyes man.. Also, how the hell do you know that most don’t use it? lol Oh yes, everyone is like you aren’t they in your universe.. :/ So no, i’m not over dramatising it, lets see how you would be, if YOUR views and how YOU like to play the games were removed… Yeah, exactly…

        Update: The game has now been released, and contrary to your insistent and confident claims, there is in fact NO in car views in the game, not even a crappy bumper cam, so your claims were completely wrong and unjustified, which would explain why you failed to provide a link proving that there there was one.

  • Terrell Nolley

    I wish it had the cockpit view just because none of the need for speeds had it but at the same time there are other exciting things this need for speed has especially the dope car collection & hopefully a huge open road to cruise around in.Not trying to compare race car games but I think the next need for speed should have it to where you can race around the US like “the crew” plus numerous cars & customization including changing the rim size & coloring it the way you want it ohhhh & the cockpit view lol Now a need for speed like this would excite the fans like myself but I’ll be at gamestop Nov 3

  • Sam

    This is the most realistic pov it’s these little details that make or “brake” a game congrats this game is going no where

  • Spike Razzor

    I’m amazed at the moaning and growing about a view that’s inferior to bumper/hood cam view when we have bigger issues like no manual transmission (which would help with this games annoying drifting) and stupid AI with rubberband.

    Until console or even PC has VR technology, where I can look to the side to see my opponent on the other end of my door, then cockpit view is completely useless and waste of resources to implement outside of maybe a sim.

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