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New Alien Movie Concept Art Emerges

by William Schwartz


Anticipation for the newest entry in the Alien franchise has grown to an all time high since the announcement several months ago that Neil Blomkamp, would be taking the reins with Sigourney Weaver attached to the project. Yesterday new concept art emerged on Blomkamp’s instagram account, showing a moody picture with the return of Cpl. Hicks from the film Aliens.

This isn’t the first time that Blomkamp has released concept art, a trend that started over six months ago as wishful thinking, until Fox green-lit the picture. The story for the movie is still unknown, but Weaver and Blomkamp have been pretty adamant about ignoring the events of Alien 3, where both Hicks and the character Newt died upon impact when the Sulaco crashed on the prison planet Fiorina ‘fury’ 161.

As an Alien fan, I’m very excited to see this dormant franchise be brought to life not only in movie form, but in other media such as Alien: Isolation. I have faith with that with the direction of Blomkamp the untitled ‘Alien 5’ will be a smash hit. Blomkamp has already confirmed the script was in works now that his movie Chappie is complete.

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