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New ‘Alien’ Shooter Coming to PC and Consoles

by Kyle Hanson


A brand new shooter is coming that will be set in the Alien universe, according to an announcement from FoxNext Games. The new title will come from the newly acquired Cold Iron Games studio. The studio is known for their work in the MMO field. They’ll be putting that experience to work on what looks to be an FPS game this time around though, with FoxNext saying the game would arrive on PC and consoles, though they gave no official date.

The Alien franchise is one of the biggest in entertainment, but its forays into video games have been rather hit or miss. Fans were delighted by the previous release of Alien: Isolation, causing many to anticipate a sequel. That has yet to be announced though, and seems like an outside chance at this point. This new game might follow in its footsteps though, possibly featuring a first person view.

The question now is, which style of Alien game will this be. The first movie, and Alien: Isolation followed the suspense/horror style of Alien experience. Aliens, and the Aliens vs. Predator series, were more action-oriented. This game could head in either direction, so look for more info some time soon.

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