New Batman vs Superman Teaser Shows Unseen Footage

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A short new teaser has now been released for Batman vs Superman. This teaser sets up for a full trailer reveal coming on December 2nd.

The new teaser is interesting as it shows a different side to Superman. People have already been debating that this could be a dream sequence or something else. In either case, Superman looks like a villain in this teaser.

It shows Batman tied up with Superman having his henchmen bow down to him. Superman then rips off the mask of Batman to see that it’s Bruce Wayne. This is where the teaser ends.

It’s possible in this part of Batman vs Superman, Superman is under the influence of Lex Luthor. Luthor after all hates both characters and uses his mind tricks (not Jedi ones) and manipulation skills to make them fight each other.

We will know more about the sequence when the third trailer for Batman vs Superman airs on December 2nd. It will be shown during the Jimmy Kimmel show. Jimmy Kimmel must be doing well to score both the new Dawn of Justice trailer and the Captain America: Civil War trailer too.

Whose side are you going to be on. Do you back Batman or Superman in the upcoming movie?

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