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New Call Of Duty Will Bring Biggest Series Change Since Modern Warfare

by Mike Guarino


Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward has shared a new video clip where they discuss the franchise as a whole and where it will be going. According to them, the game will be bringing about some very big changes and even compare it to their game that launched the series into the giant that it is today.

The game’s design director, Jacob Minkoff, said the following: “I want people to play our new game and say, ‘Wow, I haven’t seen CoD change that much since [Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare].'”

It will be very interesting to see if Infinity Ward has something that is on the same level as Modern Warfare with their new game, as the developer has stumbled in recent years with the series. Their last developed game, called Ghosts, was seen as a low point for the series and the following games went in a much different direction.

Infinity Ward is expected to reveal more information about their new game today, which is currently rumored to be called Infinite Warfare. Recent leaks have suggested that the game will take place in space, which could potentially change the gameplay in big ways.

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