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New Character Confirmed In Star Wars Battlefront

by Damian Seeto


A new character has been confirmed for Star Wars Battlefront and it’s someone that won’t be effective in a fight.

Anthony Daniels announced his involvement in Star Wars Battlefront via Twitter:

“One day it’s the hilarious YODA CHRONICLES: the next, the astounding BATTLEFRONT! (Just the ying and yang of being C-3PO at the microphone).”

C-3PO is of course one of the weakest characters in the Star Wars Universe. Daniels didn’t elaborate any further on C3PO’s actual role in Star Wars Battlefront really is.

It’s highly likely C-3PO is a narrator in Star Wars Battlefront that takes you through the tutorial. The character had a role like this in Star Wars Kinect. It’s very unlikely we will see C-3PO as a playable character.

Many people feel C-3PO will just appear in a cutscene or two in Star Wars Battlefront. This is possible too, but it would be nice if he has a bigger role such as a narrator.

If C-3PO is in Star Wars Battlefront, this could be a sign that R2-D2 is not too far behind too. Those two robots are always together. Maybe R2-D2 is flying with Luke Skywalker on an X-Wing.

So far, the only playable announced main characters in Star Wars Battlefront are Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

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