New Details On The Batman vs Superman Ben Affleck Batmobile Revealed

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Some small new details have been revealed about the new Batmobile that Ben Affleck will drive for the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie coming out next March.

The folks over at Variant Comics had a chance to look at the new Batmobile in person. They also managed to talk to John Kourounis who is the Tour Guide at the Warner Bros. Studio tour. Kourounis shared some interesting details about the Batmobile.

Kourounis said that this new Batmobile has been designed by Patrick Tatopoulos and built by Dennis McCarthy. The vehicle is 20 feet long and 12 feet wide at the rear. He also explained how this car has new features that have never been added in previous Batmobile models.

First of all, there are the gatling guns at the front. The Batman vs Superman vehicle also raises when it goes into battle and then lowers to the ground when it’s just cruising on the street. They put a whole hydraulics into the car to make this happen.

The tires are 50 inches as they came from a tractor. The Batmobile is made from carbon fiber and fiber glass. The car was custom built from the ground up. Oddly, Kourounis said they were inspired mostly from the design of the Tim Burton Batmobile.

However, it had to look like a tank to fit in the Batman vs Superman universe. They purposely added scratches to the Batmobile to highlight the fact that this Bruce Wayne character has been fighting crime for a number of years. The last thing that was mentioned is that the vehicle is really loud.

Check out the video below (8:49 for the new Batmobile):

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