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New Dragonball FighterZ Gameplay Revealed In Three Breathtaking Videos

by Jelani James


It was just a few days ago that a leak unveiled the coming of Dragonball FighterZ, a brand-new Dragonball-themed fighting game by Bandai Namco and Arc System Works. Fans got to see a brief trailer of the game during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, and now it appears that legitimate gameplay footage has appeared overnight.

As of this early morning, there are three videos showing Dragonball FighterZ in action. In each video we get to see the new 2.5D style in action and it looks marvelous. Though the game is still in early development, (as evidenced by there only being six playable characters in the demo) there is still quite a bit we can learn from the videos.

First off, similar to the 3v3 style seen in Marvel vs Capcom 2/3, there are assist attacks. By calling for assistance from an ally mid-fight, players can use the attack for zoning (if there is a character that has such a playstyle), locking down opponents, setting up combos or extending them. The only thing unclear about the assist attacks specifically is if each character has multiple ones that a player can choose among at the character select screen. There are some risks involved with assist attacks however, as its possible to hit a character coming in to assist someone. It’s unclear if the assisting characters can wind up in full combos, though.

Second, players can tag players in and out at almost anytime. And, once again, just like in MvC, the manner in which player can switch between their characters vary. For example, a player can switch between a character while in an idle position on the ground or in the air, or they can do it following a super attack, causing the incoming character to enter the fight with a super attack of their own. For now, one thing that remains unclear is whether there will be crossover counters, i.e. using some of your super meter while blocking in order to switch with an ally who will launch an invincible attack when entering the field.

Lastly, mid-fight transformations. Theoretically, all characters seen in the demos should have the ability to transform, but only Goku and Frieza are actually seen transforming mid-fight — and even then, Goku powering up to SSJ3 was merely part of a cinematic super. On a somewhat tangential note, the fact that Golden Frieza is in the game could mean we’ll be seeing more characters from the Dragonball Super anime.

Even from a simple demo, it wouldn’t be a stretch to conclude the final product will be amazing; but enough talking, check out the videos below:

Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay Demo #1

Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay Demo #2

Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay Demo #3

- This article was updated on:June 12th, 2017

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