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New Dragon’s Crown Pro Trailer Reviews the Characters’ Fighting Styles

by Jose Belmonte


Atlus has released a new trailer of Dragon’s Crown Pro, the updated version of the acclaimed side-scroller action game for PS4. The video focuses on a matter of a great importance to all of those interested in playing the game: Which character will they choose when they go exploring each of the dungeons. Precisely, the trailer explains each of the character’s attributes and what are their specialties, so anyone can get an idea of which ones are they interested the most.

First of all you have to consider that each character represents an entirely unique style of fighting. For example, the Warrior and the Dwarf specialize in melee attacks, while the Elf or the Mage use long-range attacks. Then each of them have their own differences that really makes playing with every hero a new experience.

First we have the Amazon, who launches powerful attacks with two-handed weapons and with her own fists when unarmed, but wears minimal armor. The Dwarf is able to wield a different weapon in each hand, and he can even throw enemies through the air. The Elf uses her bow and arrows to attack from the distance, safe from enemies with swords and other close-range weapons. The Warrior has excellent protection and is able to make quick attacks with his sword, even even it it has a very short reach.

Finally, for the magic-based characters, the Mage can create food in order to heal her wounds, control skeletons to join the fight, and turn certain enemies into frogs, which makes her a highly strategic character if you know how to use her skills wisely. The Wizard, on the other hand, relies mainly on the power of his fire-based spells to face their enemies.

Dragon’s Crown Pro launches for PS4 on May 15. Watch the new trailer below, and pre-order the Battle-Hardened edition.

Dragon’s Crown Pro Characters Trailer (PEGI)

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