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New Dying Light Community Bounty Tasks Everyone With Killing 2,500,000 Volatiles

by Mike Guarino


The next Dying Light community bounty has been revealed by developer Techland, and it once again has to do with killing a whole lot of zombies. These community bounties take place over a limited amount of time and come packed with a nice little prize if the community is able to pull it off, though a consolation prize is given regardless of the outcome.

This time Techland wants everyone to slaughter 2,500,000 million volatiles between May 13th 12PM PST to May 15th at 10 PM PST. The challenge is altered a little this time, as the volatiles are the more challenging zombies that only come out at night. In-game nights are being made twice as long, so everyone should have plenty of time to wrack up the kills.

The prize for completing the challenge is an exclusive joker outfit, though all those who participate will also be getting a special weapon docket.

The first Dying Light community bounty was the Buggy Frenzy challenge, which tasked the community with running over 5,000,000 with the buggy over a similar span of time. The reward for completing that challenge was the Gold Buggy paint job, with the consolation prize also being a special weapon docket.

Check out the trailer for the second Dying Light community bounty called Sun Eclipse below.

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