New Gameplay Mechanics Added In NBA Live 16

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EA Sports has written a new blog explaining all of the new gamplay improvements they have made for NBA Live 16.

One of the areas that have been improved on is the shooting mechanics. EA Sports noted that “jump shots have been overhauled in NBA LIVE 16“.

Players can now get a quick shot off before the defense gets too intrusive. You can release the ball faster since you no longer have to “wait for the animation to play out“.

There is also a new “shot meter” that has been added to make it easier for you to make baskets. Players don’t have to tap the button like in previous games.

Inside shots and signature layups come to NBA Live 16 as well. Players such as Tony Parker and James Harden will have their own animations to “Eurosteps through traffic“. A player like Russell Westbrook will have his own signature dunks.

Dribbling feels more responsive giving players more control describes EA Sports. The right stick allows players to “pull off moves with one-to-one control“. Passing is another area that has seen improvements too.

Several new passing animations have been added and you can get the ball to your teammates faster before the defense closes in. NBA Live 16 will also give you more control while passing too.

Lastly, Screens are more realistic in the new game. It will give players “more open looks to shoot and attack“. You can also press down on the left stick to “switch between a roll and pop“.

All of these changes will make NBA Live 16 feel more realistic than all of the other previous games in the series.

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