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A New Gaming Console From Sega Is Very Possible

| February 10, 2016

A New Gaming Console From Sega Is Very Possible News  Sega Project Dream Dreamcast

It has been a very long time since we’ve gotten a gaming console from Sega, with the Dreamcast coming and going very quickly in the early 2000’s. However, even though the Dreamcast was not very successful, it has retained a positive legacy for its awesome games lineup and for spearheading things like online console gaming.

Sega has continued to hold on solely in the gaming software market, but there is always some buzz going around with fans wondering if they ever will hop back into the console race. Now, the Project Dream team has spoken with Twinfinite, revealing that they still think there’s a place for a new Sega console and that they already have someone who has planned out all the details for a supposed new console.

Project Dream members Bertie Wiseman and Joanna Freeman said the following regarding SEGA’s console future: “They have a lot to offer us still. I think it [Project Dream] is about reinventing SEGA. Bringing something back that everyone wants, especially today when it’s cool to be a retro gamer and people also want something new.”

“We have a really good hardware guy that likes to remain anonymous. He has a few existing businesses and we have a lot of samples of things if it were to go into production – what it would be like, what the price range would be for the materials that we want to use, and of course whether we want to use the images that are on the site or have a look at newer designs.”

While I’m sure most would be absolutely thrilled with a new console from Sega, the chances of it happening anytime soon aren’t great. Another failed system could put the company out of business for good, but we’ll just have to see how things continue going forward and whether or not any more information comes out regarding a potential new console from Sega. This new project certainly has Sega’s attention.

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Say Something

    I know people have been asking for this… but why? Seriously why?j
    I’d rather have SEGA wake up and start releasing more titles for the Xbox One/PS4/NX rather than making another console (that’ll more than likely fail) and take away so many games from coming to the other platforms….

    • Tobias Adam Tonzing

      If you think the Dreamcast truly failed, then you don’t know how good it really went. It outsold the wiiu in under a year. I think it was sega not standing by it that killed the Dreamcast. And even that failed to truly put it down. The homebrew community is still supporting it to this very day.

      • CRZYSPZ

        According to VGChartz the Dreamcast sold less units than the WiiU.

        • Tobias Adam Tonzing

          I’m talking about if both consoles were supported for the same amount of time. The wiiu has only outdone it now because its been out longer. If they had both only been supported as long as the Dreamcast, the Dreamcast would have out sold it.

          • CRZYSPZ

            Even so, you don’t think that would’ve been considered a huge failure to SEGA? It still undersold by their expectations by a large margin.
            Your commment,

            “If you think the Dreamcast truly failed, then you don’t know how good it really went.”,

            has no merit. I know how well the Dreamcast sold and it wasn’t much. The argument was that the Dreamcast failed and that SEGA should stay as a multiplatform publisher. You failed to counter both parts of the argument with relevant information.
            All you’ve provided is your own “what if” scenarios.

          • Tobias Adam Tonzing

            That’s because there was only a short period that the dreamcast was supported. Based on the wiiu and its sales record, the Dreamcast could have been the saviour of segas console division. However, saying a new Sega console would likely fail is ignoring the nostalgia that Sega has with older gamers. And based on some of their franchises, it may just be enough to revive interest in Sega hardware among the younger gamers as well. And seeing as they have relic working with them, you could expect some damn good third party titles as well, not to mention the old games that the mega drive had, we haven’t seen any of the other mega drive franchises receive the attention they deserve. Their success hinges on the fact that Nintendo forgot how to do what they did best, making good hardware with amazing games. Sega learned that with the Dreamcast after the Saturn flopped. And personally I’m only so interested in the idea because it would mean better optimization of Sega exclusives, and the possibility of a company of heroes fps game.

          • CRZYSPZ

            “Based on the wiiu and its sales record, the Dreamcast could have been the saviour of segas console division.”
            No one said anything about the WiiU being a success except for you. Just because it could’ve surpassed WiiU’s sales doesn’t mean it would’ve “sold well”.

            SEGA has left many of their franchises dead, they’re out of touch. As much as I’d love the SEGA of old to come back, it’s not going to happen, or at least not anytime soon. And Nintendo working on making great hardware? Since when? They’ve almost always been in last place when it came to power. Just look at the N64, Gamecube, Wii, and WiiU vs it’s competitors. Nintendo have, for a very long time, focused on their first party titles, not the power of their hardware (which includes both portable and consoles).

            The SEGA we knew back then is not the SEGA we have now and that’s not in a good way. If I was heading SEGA, the first thing I’d do is focus on at least publishing mostly mixed to positively reviewed titles rather than the mixed to bad content they’ve been releasing (for the most part). Thankfully, they did ask for fan input in regards to the next Sonic game, but that’s it.

          • Tobias Adam Tonzing

            When i say great hardware, I’m not talking about power. I’m talking about how well it goes with the games its made to play. I guess I’m more talking about Nintendo’s shining record for optimization. Because in terms of power they definitely lag behind. Also, I was referring to the quality of manufacture, as well as always being the smallest console on the market. Because lets face it, no other console can perform as well as the big ones with a form factor reminiscent of a diary. And in terms of Sega and their lineup of late, admittedly it has been quite mediocre. But if Sega follows the example that Sony and Microsoft did in learning from past mistakes, the original ps3 and old model 360. And in terms of making a good game, Sega is definitely holding out on us at the moment.

          • Gamerz Blvd

            there’s no question dc would have reached 20+ unit sold and beat GC. It would have had more exclusive and more variety and more ip than nintendo, something I respect sega about.

            sonic, shenmue, virtual fighter, D2, earth worm, sega rally, skies of arcadia, yakuza, golden axe, rez, phantasy star

            hell..imagine if they had a console with bayonetta exclusive!

            sega even had their own sports studio. I think dreamcast stomps wii and wii u in online play till this day lol GC was a failure losing to OG Xbox in sales and so is wii u but nintendo just stays with it.

            if sega stuck around, there’s no question they’d be the king of multiplayer online in dreamcast era.

      • Michael Gabriel

        Sounds like nfl 2k might return if this happen and it embarrassment mirosoft xbox two and ruins nintendo nx,unknown

      • Papacheeks

        No failed consoles like the saturn, CD, and 32X are what put a nail in the coffin for them. By the time Dreamcast came out only people buying it were die hard sega fans and occasional mom and pop. Playstation was huge, Nintendo was still doing well even on releasing only 2-3 games a year on N64. Plus there was so much hype for PS2.

    • Jacob Knight

      fuck xbox and playstation there garbage sega needs to come back and i would actually buy a console again

  • Snoop

    Sony has been in talks to acquire Sega, I don’t see Sega making a console anytime soon.

    • DancingwithPonies

      hmmm, I recall Microsoft was going to buy sega before xbox became a thing. Cant find anything that suggests sony are even thinking about it.

      • Tobias Adam Tonzing

        Well it seems like a few people from Sega went to Microsoft, the duke controller is evidence of that. It looks extremely similar to the old dc controller.

  • Darth Vader™

    Definitely not. I don’t even think Sega can afford it. If they can, they better hope its a success.

  • Naberios

    If it’s up to SEGA to fit the whole bill, I don’t see it happening. If this “group” ends up being allowed to create some kind of SEGA “endorsed” console with their own funding, it’ll probably do okay out of the gate (petition currently has 29k signatures, they might sell 35-50k somewhat quickly), but I think it’ll end up withering on the vine and dying out. Probably even more quickly than the Dreamcast did.

  • Ferdinand Yeke

    I hope its good..

  • Tobias Adam Tonzing

    Well with how poorly the wiiu sold, sega shouldn’t have a problem breaking back into the market. And if it only sells as well as the old Dreamcast did, it will still have done better than the wiiu. Let’s just hope they stand by any new console they make. They would also have more compelling exclusives now. They will likely have something based on company of heroes on it, as well as a good sonic and Sega allstars racing game, and a good sonic game, and maybe ea will jump on board with them.

  • Darnell Ross

    If Dreamcast only had a DVD player in it, I think it would have kicked PSII’s ass

    • Jacob Knight

      dam right playstation is garbage

  • Andrew

    I think its a perfect way to make New sega console for dreamcast 2 or Sega simulator console name. So why not?

    Its still fans love sega, It was beautiful memories of the sega games and the consoles are great!

    But the dreamcast need time how it work make ideas, and I think its perfect to make New one this future.

    Console name: Sega dream, Sega Legions, Sega Blue, or Pure Sega.

    Anyways sega have to go back in the New console because shenmue 3 is coming up soon. So need time and thinkin about the peacefull dream things for this New sega console.

    So sega teams take time and make New sega console for us the fans waiting.

    I hope that New sonic adventure 3 coming back on the sega and ecco the dolphin was amazing game on sega for New defender of the future!.

    So, Almost thank you for beautiful ideas sega and don’t give up!.

    Yu Suzuki thank you so much for great New shenmue 3.

    And thank you sega teams for beautiful news.

  • JHill

    The problem was that Sega had started giving up by the time the console had been cracked. The sales went up alot after it was possible to burn games for it. A console needs to either have low priced games or be able to take burned games to be a longterm success.

  • SomeGuy

    I have never preordered any system ever. but this one i will if it comes true.

    • Jacob Knight


  • Tobias O’Brien

    The thing is Sega have always made enjoyable games that have lasted quite well. Sony as far as I am concerned have not. Consoles though the Playstation is a better machine but if Sega has finally accepted they need to branch out and done some research then who knows they might make a half decent rival and give Sony a run for their money. We all brought the Megadrive over the Snes simply because it said Sega on it. Thats my opinion (yes I had a megadrive and snes only coz of Sonic on one and Starfox on the other)