New God of War Dynamic Theme Includes Ragnarok Tease

Could this be a sequel or DLC?

by Dean James
God of War

The rebooted God of War released nearly a year ago on April 20th to the best praise for the series to date. With the game nearing its one year anniversary, Sony released a free dynamic theme for PS4 owners last week titled Your Journey Awaits. When some looked more closely at the theme though, they noticed a potential ominous tease.

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God of War took the series in a very different direction not only gameplay wise, but also with its setting. Instead of being intertwined with Greek mythology, this reboot instead focused on Norse mythology. Kratos was also joined by his son Atreus on this journey and this free dynamic theme features both father and son sitting in a boat.

This theme seemed pretty standard at first, but a Reddit member noticed something very interesting hidden within the theme. If you look closely at the side of the boat, you will notice some runes etched into it that say “Ragnarok is Coming.”

If you do not know what Ragnarok is, or just think it’s a Thor movie, Ragnarok is essentially the apocalypse for Norse mythology for the most part, with multiple gods dying. The fact that it says “Ragnarok is Coming” makes you think something has to be being teased or there would be really be no reason to include it.

The question then goes to whether this could be teasing a sequel or perhaps DLC for the first game or just be absolutely nothing. Director Cory Barlog had teased himself that another surprise was coming beyond the dynamic theme and some free God of War avatars coming out this week, but said it was not going to be a DLC announcement.

It does seem quite early for a whole new game to be announced, but it is a possibility. It could also be DLC, just some what won’t be announced this week as part of the one year anniversary for the game. Teasing Ragnarok is certainly a big deal considering how serious of an event it is for Norse mythology, so we are very intrigued to see what SIE Santa Monica Studio have in store for us.