New Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Shows Giant Slitherfang Enemy

Horizon Forbidden West Slitherfang looks intimidating.

by Shubhendu Vatsa


Get ready to face Slitherfang, which is among the most remarkable new machines and your enemies in the wilds of Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy’s latest adventure in the Forbidden West will take her through some new and treacherous paths revealing more about the world and the people within it. Developer Guerrilla Games has introduced a ton of new machines and has even revealed a few of them in the past.

During the recently conducted The Game Awards, Guerrilla Games came out with a new Horizon Forbidden West trailer giving players the first glimpse of Slitherfang. This giant blend of a rattlesnake and a cobra looks intimidating from the beginning and Game Informer had the opportunity to experience the boss battle giving us a great chance to check out the Slitherfang’s moves or attacks.

Horizon Forbidden West’s latest machine, Slitherfang, is a powerful enemy type and packs in some lethal attacks that you might want to look out for during your battle with the snake mech monster. Slitherfang is capable of spitting acid and even utilizes its tail to fire lightning bolts. But that’s not the only thing you should be on the lookout for while facing the monster. The most powerful and deadly attack of Slitherfang can make Aloy deaf. Seemingly, the attack from the nodes wrapping its neck shoot sonic pulses that can momentarily leave Aloy deaf.

This can slow her movements and she also won’t be able to attack for a few seconds making her helpless to other attacks. As per the game director Mathijs de Jonge, this attack is “hard to dodge,” and fleeing the area might be your best option. Mathijs further added “the snake has a whole heap of attacks,” and stealth attacks won’t work against it either.

As with anything else, Slitherfang also has some weaknesses for players to exploit before the situation gets out of hand. The snake monster’s drawbacks include ice, fire, and plasma-based attacks. To make things more difficult, Slitherfang can change its ways depending on the amount of health it has left, thus compelling players to adjust during the fight.

New things are always exciting and fun and it’s great to see Horizon Forbidden West getting the same treatment. Apart from new enemies, players can expect some brand new weapons as well as abilities, and much more.

Horizon Forbidden West is set to launch on February 18 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can check out additional coverage about the game by visiting this page.

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