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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Is Not Coming Soon According To Square Enix

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Disney is in the middle of holding their D23 Japan Expo and naturally Kingdom Hearts 3 made an appearance through the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater panel. Following this panel came reports from numerous reputable Kingdom Hearts related sources that we’d be getting a trailer released to the public the following day, but now Square Enix has confirmed one isn’t coming.

This news came courtesy of a Square Enix moderator on their official forums, who said:

“Come on guys you should know better than to trust news reports that don’t even have any sources! We never announced that any trailer would be released and in general you should be more cautious about rumours. We also sort of did release an official statement/message.”

One has to wonder if they decided to hold back on the public release of this trailer, as the reports were from those that are usually well connected with the series. Hopefully we’ll still get a glimpse at it or even another one before too long.

While we can’t see this trailer, some descriptions have come out about it. This new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer doesn’t reveal a new world or anything, but instead gives us more footage of areas we already know.Just like the E3 trailer, we get to see the conversation between Young Xehanort and Young Eraqus, but this time we get the full conversation, which includes some new details.

We get to see more of the previously announced Tangled World here, which really shows just how beautiful this game continues to look in action with the fast moving gameplay. The trailer also gives us the reveal of a new Heartless and Nobody, along with the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster based Attraction Flow we told you about yesterday, or more simply called Shooting Ride here.

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