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New Legend Of Zelda Amiibo Sell Out On Amazon After Only One Hour

by Dean James


There still may be no announcement for when we’re going to be getting the Cloud, Bayonetta, and Corrin amiibo, but Nintendo used their 3DS focused Nintendo Direct this morning to announce a few new amiibo and one of the new series is already sold out on Amazon

During this Direct, we learned that on top of the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild series amiibo coming next year, we are also getting four classic inspired Legend of Zelda amiibo for the series’ 30th anniversary.

These include an 8-Bit Link, an Ocarina of Time Link, as well as a Wind Waker Link and Zelda bundle. For those interested in getting these, which all release on December 2, you will have to keep checking back at the links provided above. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for another retailer to get these.

I know for a fact that these were up just a few minutes ago, as I had the opportunity to order, but they have already gone out of stock during the time in which I was writing an article to let you know they were up. Considering Amazon is good at selling out and putting listing back up, I’d make sure to keep an eye out at the listings tonight in case they come back up.

You can always sign up for updates to learn when these will be back up, but Amazon hasn’t been the most reliable with those alerts when it comes to amiibo in the past. Hopefully Amazon will put more up at least in the future, but if not, we still have other retailers like Best Buy and GameStop to watch out for, so stay tuned.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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