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New Mirror’s Edge Delayed Into June

by William Schwartz


Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is currently conducting a closed beta for the game.  One feature in which they are looking to test ahead of launch are the new Social Play aspects.  A more open-world experience than the previous game, this Mirror’s Edge features developed made “dashes,”  as well as player created time-trials, leaderboards, as well as online connectivity to play with friends.

Apparently these social and online aspects for the game have forced DICE and EA to delay Mirror’s Edge for just a little while.  While the old release date for the game was the end of May, the game has been delayed about two weeks with a new release date of June 7th in North America and the 9th in Europe.

Hopefully this short delay will allow EA and DICE to get things in order ahead of launch.  It’s been quite a long wait for a new Mirror’s Edge game, it’d be a shame for it to launch in a poor state.

A note from the developers say what most of these delay announcements say… ‘We want to make sure we have the opportunity to address player feedback from the Closed Beta… give ourselves a bit more time to perfect the game… we’re confident the extra two weeks will make the game as amazing as possible.’

At least it’s not a very long time to wait.  Mirror’s Edge is slated for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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