Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Could Support Multi-Disc Xbox 360 Games In Early 2016

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Xbox One backwards compatibility could support multi-disc Xbox 360 games in early 2016.

In December, it was confirmed that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is now backwards compatible on Xbox One. However, the Director’s Cut for the game is not supported right now. This is because that version of the game comes in multiple discs.

The official Deus Ex Twitter page announced:For those asking: Missing Link and DXHR Director’s Cut are currently not supported, but the Xbox team expect them to be early next year.”

This means we could see multi-disc games being Xbox One backwards compatible soon. Some of the Xbox 360’s RPGs such as Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon came out on multiple discs. This is a reason why they are not playable on Xbox One yet.

The list of playable Xbox 360 games are growing at a steady rate. Microsoft is adding new games every month or so. This depends on the games that they are able to make compatible.

Hopefully multi-disc Xbox 360 games are playable on Xbox One by early 2016. There are lots of games that fall in that category so it would be cool when Microsoft makes it a possibility. Backwards compatibility has been one of the most popular features for Xbox One owners.

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