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Today’s New NBA 2K16 Roster Update Changes Player Ratings

by Damian Seeto


2K Sports has released a new roster update for NBA 2K16 that alters the player ratings. Some players have gone up while others have seen a drop.

Operation Sports outlined the changes that were made recently to the NBA 2K16 roster. Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook shines as he gained a point to get an impressive 94 overall rating. He’s one of the top players in the entire game now.

Several top stars have seen a drop to their ratings this week. It’s near the end of the NBA regular season so some of them might be getting a little tired. They will have to up their game once the playoffs commence very soon.

Here’s the players going up:Russell Westbrook +1 (94), DeMar DeRozan +1 (89), Klay Thompson +1 (89), Karl-Anthony Towns +1 (86), LaMarcus Aldridge +2 (86), Dirk Nowitzki +1 (85), DeAndre Jordan +1 (84), Jrue Holiday +1 (82), Khris Middleton +1 (81), Nicolas Batum +2 (81), Kristaps Porzingis +1 (80) and Devin Booker +2 (79)

Here’s the players going down: “DeMarcus Cousins -1 (90), Damian Lillard -2 (89), Paul George -1 (89), Kyle Lowry -2 (88), Kyrie Irving -1 (86), Rajon Rondo -1 (83), Derrick Rose -1 (80), Enes Kanter -1 (80), Rudy Gay -1 (80) and Bradley Beal -1 (79)

For a more in-depth look at the individual attributes that have been changed for each player, look can look at them simply by clicking here. All the changes were made as of April 1st, 2016.

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