New Nintendo 3DS Shines In Japanese Sales Debut

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About a month and a half ago, Nintendo surprised us all with the announcement of a new Nintendo 3DS, very creatively called The New Nintendo 3DS, that not only adds a few new features, but also is beefed up power wise. With this, brand new games exclusive to the new handheld will be available, such as Xenoblade Chronicles. The handheld will not arrive in the US until next year, but it has now released in the Japan and to very strong sales in its debut week.

According to Famitsu, the regular New Nintendo 3DS sold 61,151 while the New Nintendo 3DS LL, XL in the US, sold 172,332. Combined, this means that 233,483 were sold, which is a fantastic start for what is technically a new model of an old handheld.

Monster Hunter 4G, also known as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the west, also released alongside the new handheld. However, it is not a New Nintendo 3DS exclusive, but rather can be played on the original systems. A bundle with the LL was available though, and with faster run speeds, it sold a lot of people on the new system.

Will you be picking up either version of the new handheld when it releases in other regions in 2015? I know that the New Nintendo 3DS XL already has my money whenever it does release next year.

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