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New Overwatch Character Being Teased By Blizzard?

by C.J. Keller


Overwatch is due for a new character added to the roster, and the PlayOverwatch Twitter account has just dropped a tease at what seems like a new one.  With very little context, the developers have released this tease to fans which details an After Action Report for Operation “White Dome.”

The tweet doesn’t allude to what this could be for the game, but many believe its the first trickle of information regarding the next character in the game.

Strike team under the command of myself, Captain Ana Amari, was deployed to the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey to deal with the a remaining pocket of omnic resistance.  Personnel included Lieutenaant Reinhardt Wilhelm, Chief Engineer Torbjorn Lindholm, and Private First Class Emre Sarioglu.  After routine insertion, the team was ambushed, taking heavy fire from the entrenched omnics.  While the team was able to overcome and neutralize all hostile combatants without casualties, the battle resulted in serious injuries to Lindholm and lesser injury to Lt. Wilhelm.  Had it not been for Lt. Wilhem’s timely intervention, it is likely that Lindholm would have been killed.  Due to conspicuous bravery on the part of Lt. Wilhelm, I am suggesting a commendation for his actions,reads the report.

With just the above information there is already some speculation as to who this new character could be as Overwatch fans are pointing out the name Emre Sarioglu as the potential candidate.  People have already started doing research on the name and the name is of Turkish origin.  Some are thinking that another Middle Eastern character is in the works with this tease.  Though it might not be a character at all, and this is just speculation considering that the above piece of text is all we have to go on.

Regardless, it’s about time for Overwatch to release some new content.  Given the cadence of maps, characters, and events, it’s time for a new character.  Perhaps we’ll be hearing more very soon from Blizzard regarding a new character or other new content for Overwatch if this tease is any indication.

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