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New Overwatch Character Inbound as Blizzard Teases Hero 27 A Third Time

by Emma Pak


Blizzard is ramping up the teases for Overwatch with another cryptic tweet.  This time it’s just an image of what appears to be the weapon that Hero 27 will use.  While the teases have been pointing towards Tjorborn’s daughter Bridgitte this one continues that trend as this image schematic features a number of words written in Swedish.

It appears this is the schematic for the character’s weapon, a Flail.  Broken down by one Redditor are all the elements on the image, which consists of a number of different items to make the weapon.  Presumably it’s going to be called the Slaga v3.0.

The last teases from Blizzard revolved around a mission gone bad where Torbjorn lost his arm, but with today’s image it’s getting more and more likely that his daughter will be the next character in Overwatch unless Blizzard throws fans another curveball.

With the weapon showcased is this image, many are thinking that Hero 27 will be a tank/support character.  Think part Reinhardt, part Torbjorn.  Hopefully, Bridgitte doesn’t also have her father’s turret building ability.

All of this is speculation among the Overwatch community at this point.  Blizzard hasn’t said anything official regarding the new character, just dropping cryptic teases for the community to ponder every day.  There’s no telling exactly when Hero 27 will arrive.

Regardless, a full reveal of this new Hero for Overwatch shouldn’t be far off.

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