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Overwatch Hero 27 Tease Continues

by C.J. Keller


The lore archive for Overwatch has once again been updated, hot on the heels of the recently de-classified mission from Operation “White Dome” earlier this week.    The new information includes a letter from Torbjorn to his wife in which he tells her about the injuries he has sustained during the mission gone wrong.  Losing his arm in the battle, Torbjorn promises to find a suitable prothesis that will “make everyone forget it was ever gone.”

In the letter, Torbjorn also reveals details about allowing Reinhardt to name their daughter and making him the godfather.  While the first character tease named a mysterious character named Emre Sarioglu, this one seems focused on Torbjorn’s daughter.

So now we’ve got two potential candidates for a new character — the mysterious Emre Sarioglu and Brigitte.   Though comments back in 2017 from Jeff Kaplan could be pointing to the latter as he revealed that Hero 27 would be a hero that fans may have already heard about through different media from the game.

Speculation is running wild on who this new character could be, but if the game follows a similar pattern to the Uprising Event, this fourth mysterious team member Emre Sarioglu could very well be the next character added to the roster.  Then again, it also could be Torbjorn’s daughter.

Either way, it sounds like a new character is definitely on the way.  Blizzard has a knack for being pretty cryptic about these things so we’ll just have to wait until more of these teases come out to start piecing together the information for further speculation.

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