New Overwatch Hero Announced: Baptiste

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Last week Blizzard dropped a weird document detailing the command to capture or eliminate a man named Jean-Baptiste Augustin, for defecting from the mercenary group Talon. Baptiste is a highly trained medic and a survivalist from Haiti. Recently a trailer came out announcing Baptiste as the next playable hero in Blizzard’s team shooter Overwatch. The trailer detailed more of the characters backstory, and his motivations for joining the Overwatch roster.

He was orphaned as a young boy during the Omnic Wars (a large scale battle between Humans and revolting robots). From there he grew up on the streets, having to fight and steal for his survival. As a child he saw the power the talon company held in this newly ravaged world, and soon he joined their ranks as a combat medic further honing his skills. As an adult he realized that this power was through tyrannical force. So he left Talon, something nobody does and get’s away with.

Baptiste now on the run, is ready to start helping the world either “With a bandage, or a bullet,” as he puts it.

No other information is currently available about Baptiste. He’ll be “coming soon” to Overwatch.

You can watch Baptiste’s announcement video below:

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