Attack of the Fanboy

New Scam via Xbox Live

by William Schwartz


Entrepreneurial Xbox Hackers are now starting a new racket.  The 10th Prestige Lobby is something that you may or may not have heard of. What it is: A 10th Prestige Lobby is a game hosted by a user with a modified Xbox 360. Known as a “Jtagged” Xbox this modification allows the user to alter the rules of the game that they are hosting. Giving anyone that plays in their room an opportunity to level up by making one kill, or any other number of rules that can be implemented by the host.

The tenth prestige hacked lobby has been around for awhile but these hackers are now getting a little more entrepreneurial. For gamers that choose to forgo earning the 10 prestiges legitimately, lobby invitations are being sold via numerous forums, and private messenger over the Xbox Live service. These people are also asking anywhere between 1600 and 1000 Microsoft Points for access to the tenth prestige lobby. Their method of payment is usually paypal or direct acceptance of XBL points codes, and as in any endeavor like this that arises, the scammers have started to come out of the woodwork. There have been numerous reports of users being “suckered” by online identities paying the price and receiving nothing in return.

So be careful, there are people that are legitimately offering the illegitimate service, but there are probably just as many scammers out there as this becomes a more and more popular method of parting Xbox Live users with their money.

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