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New Star Ocean 5 Screenshots Show Off Battle System

by William Schwartz


Star Ocean 5: Integrity & Faithlessness was a surprise announcement that fans did not see coming. Now fans are lucky to get some brand new screens from the upcoming JRPG that shows off a lot of screens from the games battles.

Star Ocean 5 will put players into the shoes of Fidel Camus, a 23 year old who inherited his sword skills from his father. He uses his skills to protect his villiage. Miki Sorvesta is a girl who grew up with Fidel and treats him like an older brother. She acts as the village mage with a rare healing ability. Coupled these two will go on an adventure due to unforseen circumstances within Star Ocean 5: Integrity & Faithlessness. New screenshots have surfaced that showcase not only the characters but also a lot of the real-time battle system which looks to be akin to what Star Ocean : The Last Hope had. Check out the screens after the break.


Star Ocean 5 is set to release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 is likely set to release next year in Japan. No western release is scheduled but due to localization of past titles it would be crazy if we didnt see it here as well in due time.

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