New State of Play Could Bring PlayStation News in September

The Rumor Mill Never Stops

by Aaron Nashar
PlayStation State of Play

According to NateTheHate on the Spawn Wave podcast, we could be seeing a new State of Play event for PlayStation that would finally put an end to the PlayStation 5 news droubt that has been worrying its fans ever since PlayStation was a no-show at E3 in June and didn’t have any high-profile replacement events since then.

What has helped fuel this rumor mill regarding a September State of Play is a Hideo Kojima tweet that hinted at a new trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut coming early September. PlayStation fans are hoping that this trailer will drop as a part of the PlayStation State of Play event, rather than a standalone trailer release.

Rumors have been circulating regarding when will PlayStation have its annual high-profile State of Play, there have been rumors for a July 2021 event, followed by heavier rumors for an August 2021 event, and now the sights have been set on a September event that will be the last hope of saving this summer of gaming for PlayStation fans.

Fans have been upset by the lack of any big events for their PlayStation exclusives. Sony has made a Horizon Zero Dawn State of Play earlier this summer that only showed off gameplay, months after, Sony has announced that the game has been delayed all together to 2022 during a rare and very brief appearance at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live.

Other than the Horizon Zero Dawn State of Play, Sony has done yet another event that only focused on one already announced game with no other big reveals, this time it was for Deathloop, a PlayStation timed exclusive from Bethesda Studios. The event showed off Deathloop gameplay that was very pleasant but ultimately did not make up for the lack of first-party game news from Sony.

It is worth mentioning that Sony still has a big slate of exclusives for the rest of 2021. Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut coming on August 20th, Kena: Bridge of Spirits coming on August 24th, Deathloop is coming on September 14th, Forged In Shadow Torch coming on September 7th, Death Stranding Director’s Cut coming on September 24th. More than that, Stray is coming in 2021 with no specific release date, as well as Goodbye Volcano High.