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New Titanfall Game Coming from Respawn

by Kyle Hanson


The big news of the day for Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment is certainly that they are being acquired by EA. This brings the two companies together in a more formal way, with EA having backed Respawn since the beginning, publishing both games in the series. Hidden alongside the acquisition announcement came other news though. It seems that Respawn Entertainment is already working on a brand new Titanfall game.

EA stated that Respawn has “multiple projects currently in development,” including the already announced Star Wars game, and “a new title in the Titanfall franchise”. This last bit is fresh news, though not at all unexpected. While Titanfall 2 didn’t hit the sales targets that many expected, it has still been a success.

Critics loved the game, and it has had a dedicated set of fans championing it ever since it released. That dedication will hopefully translate to more solid sales for whatever this new game could be. The details are scarce, so it’s not clear if this is Titanfall 3 or a spinoff sort of game.

Whatever it is, we’ll likely hear more about it soon with EA taking charge of Respawn. EA Play is usually full of big announcements, so something could be out as early as Summer 2018.

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