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Upcoming VR Game Satirizes NRA’s Gun Fetishism

by Dylan Siegler


VR game developer Samurai Punk is working on a game called The American Dream, which is a satire on the extreme pro-gun stances of the NRA, as well as many American citizens. The game acts as pro-gun propaganda, telling the player of the joys of a future in which every American man, woman and child owns and always carries a gun. Furthermore, the player is taught how guns can be used to solve all of life’s everyday problems.

In a demo of the game recently reported on by Polygon, the player plays out various scenes in the life of someone who lives in this utopian, gun-obsessed future. The first scene involves the player playing as a baby, who, just like every other patriotic American citizen, owns a gun. The baby uses the gun to shoot at the door, notifying its mom that it is hungry. Then the mom comes in, ready to feed her baby… with a gun. Other scenes in the demo include the playable character working at a burger joint, flipping burgers by shooting them, participating in a school dance, by dancing with guns, and working as a gardener, giving water to plants by shooting the water out of a cloud.

The game is set to release on major VR platforms sometime in 2017. You can watch the game’s trailer from last year’s PAX West below.

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