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New Xbox Game Pass Games Announced For August 2021

Time for a New Round of Goodies!

by Aaron Nashar


Xbox Game Pass has just announced a new line-up of games coming straight to the subscription service for the latter half of August 2021, including a few console exclusives, and a lot of Cloud games.

Humankind – PC


Humankind is actually available on Xbox Game Pass PC starting today, August 17th. The game has just released and is very much a win for the PC subscribers of the service.

This is a historical strategy game where players will be able to rewrite humanity’s entire history, with 60 different cultures to play with, and battles taking place all the way from ancient Egypt to the modern age.

Need for Speed Heat – Cloud

This is another addition to the service from the infamous Need for Speed series. A thrilling racing experience that will pit players against rogue police officers and the street racing elites.

Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Wards Jedi: Fallen Order – Cloud


Here subscribers will have two very distinct star wars entries to choose from. Battlefront II is mostly known for its incredibly detailed multiplayer experience, with multiple modes to keep players entertained, as well as an impressive campaign mode with a story you won’t want to miss.

Fall Order on the other hand only focuses on the campaign mode, and it gets it right. Play as a Padawan who must complete his Jedi training and develop new Force abilities, all while trying to escape the Empire and staying one step ahead of them.

Both games are available Today.

Recompile – Cloud, PC, and Console

This game will be available on the service from day 1 of its release, August 19. This is a hacking adventure, where players will be taking control of a semi-sapient program that is struggling against deletion, all in the 3D world on the Mainframe.

Train Sim World – Cloud, PC, and Console

In this game, players will be traveling all through the world-famous London Underground on the Bakerloo Line, with all official licenses and an authentic experience. The game will be available on August 19th.

Twelve Minutes – Cloud, PC, and Console

This is an interactive thriller game about a man who is stuck in a 12-minute time loop and is tasked with finding a way to break out of it, with him and his wife alive. The game is coming to Game Pass on Day 1 and will be available on August 19th.

Psychonauts 2 – Cloud, PC, and Console


This is a platform adventure game that will feature a cinematic style and several customizable psychic abilities. Players will embark upon a world full of excitement and laughter, on a journey through the minds of both friends and foes, all while attempting to defeat a psychic villain. The game is an Xbox original and is coming on August 25th.

Myst – Cloud, PC, and Console

The game is all about the exploration of the beautiful Mist island, which is filled with mystery and intrigue. Coming to the service on day 1, on August 26th.

Xbox Game Pass has made it quite a habit to announce a new slate of games every 2 weeks, the service is now available on Xbox Consoles, PC,  as well as Android, and iOS all for as low as $10 a month.

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