New Yakuza Revealed, Coming To PS4 & PS3

by AOTF Staff

After a long wait, the next Yakuza title in the franchise has been revealed online by SEGA for eager Japanese fans.

Earlier this month we spoke of an impending announcement regarding the future of the Yakuza franchise and it seems SEGA kept to their word announcing Yakuza: Zero. No word on where, or specifically ‘when’ this new Yakuza title will take place considering the last entry took place long before the core series. However, given the sub-title ‘Zero’ it might be safe to assume we might see Kazuma again, before he became ‘The Dragon Of Dojima’, which would be pretty awesome.

Fans looking to get a taste might want to head over to the Official Site which is nothing more than the logo and a date signifying two days from now (three if your in North America). 8/28 @ 18:00 might be reveal of the first major info. The interesting part about the reveal is that it is coming to PS4 and PS3 which might signify a lackluster of sales on the PS4’s part in Japan. SEGA is aiming for a higher install base on the PS3 to help them.

There is no word on if the title will ever see the light of day in the west, but given that the last two titles (Yakuza 5 and Yakuza: Ishin on PS4) didn’t I wouldn’t hold my breath. I hope I am wrong, as I am a huge fan of the series and would love to see it return.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018