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Newbee.Boss Announces Mixed Gender DOTA 2 Roster

by Kevin Reyes


Chinese organization Newbee has announced the lineup for their new DOTA 2 team, Newbee.Boss. And what’s really caught people’s attention is that Newbee.Boss might be the first mixed team to participate in a major LAN tournament.

A few days ago, the official Newbee Twitter account revealed the list of names for Newbee.Boss, their newest team in the DOTA 2 pro scene. Included in the roster are veteran players Zhang “Xiao8” Ning, Luo “Ferrari_430” Feichi, and Wong “ChuaN” Hock Chuan as well as newcomers Bi “Axx” Xia and Wang “Zei9” Yue.

The person we want to focus on is one of the newcomers — Bi Xia or more commonly known by her IGN of Axx. While her name might be unfamiliar to those outside of China, she’s been one of the top female players in her home region. She might also be the first female to compete in a major LAN.

Not much is known about her, but according to her Dotabuff page she currently maintains an impressive 7k MMR and seems to favor mid heroes such as Alchemist and Invoker. Though given the nature of her teammates with Ferrari_430 being one of the best mid players in the pro scene, she might take on a different role. If the announcement Tweet is any indication, she’ll probably be taking the core offlane position.

So what about the rest of the team? Well like we previously mentioned she’ll be joined by veterans Xiao8, Ferrari_430, and ChuaN. All of which are some of the best players in their roles and all of which have an International championship under their belt. Xiao8 was with the original Newbee when they took it in 2014 and ChuaN and Ferrari_430 were both part of Invictus Gaming when they won the very first International in 2012.

Not much is known regarding Zei9 other than that he’s the owner of Newbee itself and that he’ll be playing a support role.

Newbee.Boss is currently participating in the DOTA 2 Asian Championship 2017 open qualifiers in an attempt to make to the main event. Should they succeed, then Axx will be the first female player in a premier LAN event.

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