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Next Big Final Fantasy XV News Coming June 4th

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix has now announced that the next Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV will be broadcast on June 4th.

Since this next Active Time Report will be in June, it’s likely it will be a walkthrough of the latest updates made to Final Fantasy XV’s demo.

Final Fantasy XV might be the first game ever to have a patch update for its own demo. Square Enix is doing this to make sure the fans are satisfied before the game eventually comes out.

The Final Fantasy XV patch update intends to make several improvements to the original demo’s release in mid-March. Some people wanted the combat and camera to be improved. There might be some other surprises along the way too. It would be cool if some new objectives are created, although it might not be likely.

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for a very long time. The game has had trouble getting off the ground, but it looks like things are looking up. Even though a release date has yet to be revealed, the constant updates on its progress is a good sign. Before, Square Enix wouldn’t give us any new updates on the game and they would stay quiet for many months.

Hopefully June 4th gives us more good news about Final Fantasy XV. Sure the demo update is nice, but some news on the full game would be welcomed.

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