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Next Red Dead Online Update to Include PS4 Timed Exclusives

Ps4 Owners will get Exclusive Items and a New Game Mode

by Jordan Kamm


On February 26th Red Dead Online will be rolling out it’s next big update. The update plans to add tons of new game modes, clothes, equipment, and more. The main event of the update will be the free-roam event: Fool’s Gold. A king-of-the-hill styled mode where a suit of golden armor will randomly spawn in the map. Players can earn point for killing the person wearing the armor, or killing other players while wearing the armor.

Other game modes will include competitive fishing challenges, which players have been asking for, a capture the flag mode, a mode where players must accumulate and steal money from each other, and a target race, where players will have to shoot targets while racing on horseback. Rockstar also revealed two guns that will be coming to the update, A high capacity repeater called the Evans Repeater, and a variant of the double-barreled shotgun, called the Rare Shotgun. New Clothing will also be made available, most notably a new hat with a snake head on it, called the Diamondback Hat. All players will have access to these items and game-modes.

PS4 players will timed-exclusives in addition to everything else. This includes an entire new game mode. The Open Target Race, can only be played by ps4 owners when it releases. This mode is similar to the above mentioned Target Race, but the mode is set in a large open area, rather than on a set course. Ps4 players, will also get to wield the Jawbone Knife, a new melee weapon carved from the bone of a hunted animal. A perfect accessory for those wanting a more primal look to their character. Other than that Playstation players will have access to some new clothing and three new emotes, none of which Rockstar has detailed at this time.

Rockstar’s announcement article can be read here

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