Nibellion Leaves Twitter to ‘Focus Time and Energy Elsewhere’

One of the best sources for gaming news left twitter

by Christian Bognar

Nibellion, a big name for providing all sorts of gaming content to the community, has decided to call it quits on Twitter due to the recent takeover by Elon Musk. Beyond Musk’s mention, Nibellion provided little insight into this big decision as his account approached nearly half a million followers. Nibellion remained anonymous his entire time on Twitter. Below is everything Nibel had to say before exiting the site.

Nibel Makes Statement Before Leaving Twitter

Before Nibellion left, he explained the decision to move on to future endeavors on Patreon. Nibellion writes, “Today, I will move on from both Twitter and Patreon. There won’t be any game coverage from me on either platform. I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time. Unfortunately, I was not able to create an interesting and sustainable Patreon which is evident in the number of Patrons stagnating during the first weekend and the first (of many) pledges being deleted during the first week.”

He then mentions Elon Musk specifically and the lack of leadership the platform has had by stating, “I don’t think that Twitter has yet experienced good leadership, and this trend will not change with Musk either. I do not trust the platform. I do not trust Musk and his seemingly infinite immaturity. I do not think Twitter will fall apart instantly, but it could die a slow death. Why waste more time?”

This brief statement left fans of Nibellion’s account upset and confused, but there has been much support in the comments wishing him the best. Fans will miss his account due to the convenient way for the gaming community to find information across the gaming industry. It was an excellent resource for journalists and developers alike, and hopefully, everyone will get to see his work again sometime.

Nibellion plans to keep his account locked instead of eradicating it in an attempt to prevent copycats and others from trying to take control of his account name.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2022

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