Niell Blomkamp Hints at Involvement with Anthem

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Today South African Director, Niell Blomkamp tweeted that he’s excited to reveal a new project in the works along with a picture of one of the Javelin suits from Bioware’s upcoming game Anthem. and the hashtag #Anthemgame.

Blomkamp is known for his movies like District 9, and Chappie, he writes films with social commentary through the lens of science fiction. Which given the stories Bioware’s past games seems like a perfect fit. Bioware has stated that a major part of Anthem will be the tremendous amount of lore that fills the world of the game. While this has always been a staple for Bioware, they want to make sure everyone is aware that they haven’t neglected that aspect in their upcoming title.

We aren’t entirely sure how much or in what capacity Blomkamp has contributed, we can be sure that whatever story we get will be interesting and unique, but Bioware’s games and Blomkamp’s movies are both Thematically and stylistically very similar, so whatever contributions he has made will meld nicely with the vision Bioware already has for Anthem.

Ultimately, this news is something to get excited about. With the addition of a high profile contributors, it shows that the team is dedicated on the creativity we’ve seen from Bioware in the past. Especially since many have been skeptical of Anthem, due to it being such a departure from Bioware’s normal fare.

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