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Ninja Theory teases something new “soon”

by William Schwartz


Creators of the critically acclaimed reboot of Devil May Cry are teasing that they’ve got something to show soon. Ninja Theory recently took to Twitter to relay the message to fans, patiently waiting on the next game from the developer.

“Looking forward to showing you something new from us soon..” reads the Tweet.

Since offering the tease to fans, there’s been some speculation as to what it could be. Ninja Theory has had a checkered critical history this generation, so putting money down on a sequel to one their previous titles could be a losing proposition. It’s also probably too soon to think that they are working on another Devil May Cry. Whatever it is, it’ll almost certainly be associated with the next generation.

Could Sony be re-upping for a Heavenly Sword 2 on the PS4, some folks seem to want it. What do you hope it is? A sequel to Heavenly Sword or Enslaved? More DMC? Something entirely new? Let us know in the comments below!

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