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Nintendo 3DS may cause eye injuries

by Bill Hess


The Nintendo 3DS is doing something that no one else is doing right now.  Glasses free 3-D gaming that fits in the palm of your hand, is it too good to be true?  Nintendo recently issued a warning to potential 3Ds consumers.  The company warns adults not to play the handheld upon illness and as a general rule should only play in thirty minute stretches.

Kids under the age of six, shouldn’t play the device at all in 3D mode, due to irreversible damage that the device may cause to their developing eyeballs.

There’s actually no proof that any of these things actually happen, so we’re gonna have to wait for that first person to go blind from using the device before demonizing the 3Ds.  But Nintendo is safely and legally defusing the potential problem ahead of schedule by allowing parents to lock the device out of 3D more for the youngsters.

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