Attack of the Fanboy

Nintendo 3DS Already Hacked

by Bill Hess


A Nintendo 3DS unit made it’s way from a Chinese factory to the home of an unknown fan recently.  They took apart the device for the world get a first glance at the innards of the platfrom, and now it appears that someone has already hacked the soon to be released handheld.  This new modification for the device is said to grant the 3DS the ability to play ROMs.  It appears that the 3DS may suffer the same fate as the DS which was also afflicted from a large segment of the audience playing pirated games.

While it is only a rumor at this point, Nintendo has publicly declared its war on piracy with the 3DS and made a concerted effort to thwart pirates on the new device.  With the release still months away and 3DS already deemed hacked you can be certain that firmware updates for the new handheld will be many to combat the threats.

Source: Gamerade

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