Attack of the Fanboy

Nintendo 3DS making people sick?

by William Schwartz


Recent convention goers that attended the Nintendo World event in the Japan earlier this month have started to complain that The Nintendo 3DS made them ill after prolonged exposure to the 3D features.  Friday, a Japanese tabloid recently claims a wide range of people that were interviewed after the event complained of dizziness and eye fatigue.  Most users also noted that the 3D needed to be turned off after a few minutes of exposure to it’s mighty powers.

“After playing for ten minutes, I started feeling a little dizzy”, the author at Friday writes. “It was like being seasick”.

Scientists have claimed their is absolutely nothing wrong with the 3D tech and have given it the thumbs up, Nintendo has advised against children using the device, and adults are complaining about the side effects of the device.  You can expect to hear more about these effects if any from the American media which will be allowed access to the device for the first time since E3.  Esteemed press will be on hand at the US version of Nintendo World in New York.

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