Nintendo 3DS sees new features in latest update

System update goes live for all Nintendo 3DS players
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The latest update for the Nintendo 3DS is now live for all to download, and it features a new functionality for console users. The update adds a new folder functionality that allows 3DS players to organize content on the 3DS home screen. If you’ve been collecting content over the past year, your 3DS screen was likely cluttered with content from all areas of the Nintendo universe.

With the new update, you can create folders to placed on the homepage, which can hold up to 60 items each. The new update also features a software update that will allow Nintendo to patch games. This means that game breaking glitches will now be a thing of the past on the handheld. Nintendo already has plans in place to patch Mario Kart 7, to fix the shortcut exploits that have plagued the game since launch.

A big update for the Nintendo 3DS indeed, as it gets ready for this summer’s New Super Mario Brothers 2 title, which was recently revealed by the company.

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