Nintendo 3DS surpasses PlayStation 3 in Japan

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Nintendo’s 3DS handheld has recently surpassed the PlayStation 3 in terms of total units sold in Japan.  The most recent data compiled by Media Create indicates that Nintendo has sold roughly 8.8 million 3DS units, while the Sony PlayStation 3 sits slightly lower at 8.7 million consoles.

It’s pretty obvious where gamer loyalty lies in Japan, as the 3DS made up the five year release gap in short order.  Handheld gaming is still extremely popular in Japan, however, Sony’s PlayStation Vita has yet to enjoy the success that the 3DS has had.

Alot of this massive sales drive is probably attributable to the reduction in price for the 3DS handheld, as well as the XL hardware revision that launched earlier this year.  As for the Vita, Sony is having a hard time even beating out the PlayStation Portable at this point.   The PS Vita has been available now for one year in Japan, and has sold just over 1 million units, which analysts believe to be underwhelming for the next-gen handheld device.

Some believe that Sony will need to lower the price on the PS Vita before sales begin to pick up for the handheld.

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