Nintendo to offer DLC in 2012 for the 3DS

Nintendo 3DS to Offer First Paid DLC in 2012

Nintendo has plans to offer DLC in 2012.
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Recent reports suggest that Nintendo is getting set to introduce paid DLC to its Japanese 3DS customers. With the release of Fire Emblem early next year, the company will offer an expansion for the game that is said to cost “several hundred yen”, according to Joystiq.

While this marks a milestone for the company on the path to what many gamers would consider “the dark side”, it will however offer Nintendo an avenue to expand on their great library of first party titles.

The Nikkei report suggests that this first DLC offering will be a gateway for further offerings down the line with the handheld, as well as with the upcoming Nintendo Wii U which is destined to hit store shelves sometime in 2012.

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