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Nintendo 3DS XL coming in August

by William Schwartz


Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata announed that Nintendo has a new 3DS hardware revision in the works, and will be releasing the 3DS LL in Japan and XL in the US on July 28th and August 19th respectively.  The new hardware has a 4.88 inch upper screen and a 4.18 inch lower screen, which is a significant upgrade from the current 3DS hardware.  Nintendo also announced that the new hardware will include a longer battery life than the current model.

Many had expected the next hardware iteration for the Nintendo 3DS to include a second analog stick.  Considering that it could put the handheld on par with the PlayStation Vita, it doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening, at least this time around.  No word on whether this iteration will include an upgrade in screen resolution to coincide with the increased size, and price.

The new handheld will release for $199.99 in the US on August 19th and ¥18,900  on July 29th.

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